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Which of your genes came from Neanderthals?

Livescience have an informative blog on Neanderthals. Create your own post using information from Livescience and other information sources. Be sure that your post is in your own words so that you do not plagiarise . Also make sure you acknowledge the places that you get information from.

Add a picture. Use Flickr to find and download your photo as Fickr allows you to find photos that are not restricted by copyright but are available as creative commons.

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Genetic testing for predisposition to deep vein thrombosis.

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When Emma asked if she could go on this new pill for her skin, the doctor took a blood sample “just for some routine tests”.

As the doctor was aware that there is a family history of DVT on Mrs Brown’s side of the family, she ordered a gene test for the Factor V Leiden gene alteration, as another risk factor associated with thrombosis is the oral contraceptive pill.

Women who take this pill have a 4 times greater risk of DVT. However, if they also have the Factor V Leiden gene change, their risk jumps even higher, maybe even up to 20 or 30 times.

Neither Emma nor her parents were aware that this gene test was being done. Discuss this scenario and thefollowing questions.

  1. Should the doctor have obtained informed consent from Emma before ordering this gene test? (Emma is only 15, a minor in the eyes of the law)
  2. Should the doctor have obtained informed consent from Emma’s mother (Gayle) before ordering the gene test?
  3. What consequences might this gene test have for Emma and/or her mother in terms of potential discrimination in life insurance and employment?
  4. If Emma wishes to become a pilot or airline steward, should she be obliged to tell her employer by law?

Consider all these questions in terms of the four principles of biomedical ethics: Benefits, harms, individual rights and justice.

Acids Attacks

Answer these questions when you ‘Leave a comment’

  1. What did you see in the videos?
  2. What do you think about that?
  3. What does it make you wonder?

Voki For Web

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Voki For Web, posted with vodpod

Leading Digital Schools Conference

Attention was drawn to he eSmart framework for cyber safety in schools.

Simon Crook gave a presentation on implementing a one on one laptop program at his school.

Martin Levens hosted many thought provoking discussions. He as posted some of his recent papers on his website.

Controlling Inheritance

Priorities for this week

1.    On our class blog leave at least two comments on another class members post.

•    The class blog is developing really well and starting to reflect the skills and knowledge of our group.
•    To develop as a learning community we need to learn how to make sensible and informative comments that build on other people’s blogs.
•    There are now guidelines to leaving comments at the top of the class blog. They are also on the back of this sheet.
•    You may leave a comment on someone else’s comment as long as it follows the guide lines
•    Leaving at least two comments is the number one priority this week.

2.    Listen to lesson 4.4 Controlling Inheritance on the screencast at the bottom of this post.
Using your earplugs (or headphones from  desk in the Science  Office) listen to the lesson introduction.

3.    Complete questions on Unit 4.4 up to 22 (you may do this as a word document pasted into your workbook or hand written)

4.    Update your previous blogs so that they include an image, some text and a phlog.

5.    Select two questions from 4.4. Develop your answers in more detail and post them on the class blog. Include an image, some text and a phlog.

This work should keep you busy if you are working effectively and thoroughly. If you are unsure about how to proceed with blogging, ask one of the people in the class who know!!

Watch the lesson introduction here. Please don’t be too harsh on me. I’m a learner too!