Natural Disasters – What are the big questions?

9O students watched the video and considered these questions.

What would it be like in a big earthquake? At the time? Immediately after? The next day? Check out their feelings by clicking thIS ‘Comments’ Tab. Reply with a comment of you own!

They then searched a list of earthquake, volcano and tsunami disasters to identify a choice to highlight the big questions and the science behind understanding that event.

Wikipaedia ‘List of natural disasters’

Class discussion focussed around ‘What is a big question?’ and students attempted to develop a ‘big question’. They posted these on Wallwisher.

Visit the 9O Wallwisher to read their ‘Big Questions’

Click this link to see the natural disasters that students have selected to study.

“Parts Cluster”

  1. What’s the main idea or feeling? Put it in the center.Work as a class to brainstorm as much as you can about the movie.
  2. Use clustering software like
  3. Work as a class to brainstorm as much as you can about the movie.
  4. Group or connect any of the items into larger sets.

9 responses to “Natural Disasters – What are the big questions?

  1. As it happens – Stand under a door
    Straight after – Get the hell out if possible
    The next day – No idea, whatever needs doing I guess

  2. As it happens
    Well i would be very scared and everyone would be running around trying to get out of the buildings and stuff. I wouldn’t know what to do because i would be so scared

    Straight After
    Every one would be in a panic especially if some of the buildings fell down because there could still be people in there. I would try and see if i can find my friends and family.

    The next day
    There would be rescue services trying to get people out of the rubble and they would be trying to clean up the mess left behind. people would all be worried about their friends and family.

  3. What would it be like to be in a big earthquake?
    as it happens…
    As it happens- I would probably scream and run around the house and try and get out or find a table to get under.
    Straight after- I would find my parents and get them to ring my nan=a and pop to see if it happened to them and then ring 000.
    The next day- If it was a total disaster I would be clean uf or just do nothing about it if it wasn’t a biggiel.

  4. As it happens- stand under a door frame
    Straight after- Get out of house
    Next day- living my normal life

  5. As it happens:
    Well i think i would be very scraed and not know what to do. Everyone would be panicing and running around, trying to get to a safe place.

    Straight after:
    Umm well i think i would be trying to find my family, if i wasnt already with them to see if they are safe. i think people will be panicing even more if building have fallen down, trying to find their families and friends.

    The next day:
    the day after i think people would still be panicing and looking for people and rescue people would be trying to find people in the rubble. people would be trying to clean up the mess and would be worried about their friends.

  6. Brittany Tennyenhuis

    Wat would it be like to be in a big earthquake??-
    Wat would you do? i would run straight for the door frame and i would be screaming. i would panic!!
    As it happenes? i think it would be a very shocking deal, i would panic………big time, and hope too god that i make it out alive!
    Straight after? i would hope that every one is alive and get to hospital ASAP!
    The next day? I would go back the wreck and find what ever that was in one piece and take it else where!

  7. Kristal Flanders

    as it happens i’d get under the table.
    straight after i’d call police.
    i dont know what i’d do the next day.

  8. what would it be like to be in a big earthquake?
    what would you do as it happens?
    go outside

  9. jessica wheatley

    there are so many different natural disasters such as:
    volcanic eruption, tsunami, earthquake, etc.
    to be in an earthquake would be the most terrible situation to be in, not knowing what the outcome may be.. in an earthquake would be such a shock wave and your adrenaline would be pumping. your only thought would be survival and where your friends & family are and if they may survive.
    afert the earthquake and the shock dies down reality would hit you, you would also start to wonder where your friends and family are if they have survived the terrible event. and you realise what happened. that your whole life has been turned upside down. there would be nothing more to do then keep moving strong. because there is pretty much no other choice.
    the day after would be hard, you have to basicly rebuild your whole life again out of the ruins of your old life, move on not having you friends and family there. to survive and earthquake qould be very hard!

    ( we wrote this like 50 times and it deleted. you better thank us 🙂
    jess&sam! p.s we would like a reply on how awesome we done! ta.

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