Bozeman and the virtual classroom

I found Bozeman through Douchy who posted ‘Will School Become Redundant, Too?’ . On this post Douchy discusses the issue of whether schools will become redundant as online resources of this quality become freely available.

While I agree strongly with Douchy’s sentiments it needs to be remembered that, like myself, many teachers are products of the seventies teacher education practices where Ivan Illich’s book ‘De-schooling Society’ was popularly promoted as the way of the future. A full copy of the book is available online. Like so much of the idealism of that era (remember the copious leisure time that was to be delivered by computers), the notion of a de-schooled society has been buried in the neo-conservative economic paradigm.

Following the state wide student free day for teachers to be introduced to the ‘Ultranet’, an article in a Melbourne daily tabloid claimed that the student free day had cost the economy hundreds of thousands of dollars.

No matter how good our online resources large numbers of those in our society are not wanting to be encumbered by the burden of taking responsibility for their own children twenty-four hours a day.

I imagine schools will be around for a while yet!


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