What matters to you?

What really matters to students at our school?

How can we tell? How do we  know?

What issues do students at our school feel so passionate about that they would find out? Speak up? Post an opinion?

This blog was begun on April 21 2010 motivated by Tom March and his Look to Learn approach to developing greater cognitive sophistication in students.  This approach forms the basis of a more comprehensive framework for engaging students in a manner that will “bring the transformative powers of technology to the essential and critical challenge that is the education of out children”. Tom coined the phrase The Edge-ucators Way.

Tom March - The Edge-ucators Way

Even accomplishing the foundation of The Edge-ucators Way has taken considerable effort with the ‘digital natives’ in our area found to be needing plenty of direction and encouragement to sign up to blogs, link web 2.0 applications, check school webmail regularly, and manage user names and passwords. Much consolidation work remains to be done. However a start has been made at gathabiotens and lsc9osciblog.

In planning the move to the second rung of the pyramid the question arises as to how we can ensure that focus around which a ‘Class Portal’ can be created is one that is deeply intrinsic to these students. Surfing class portal type blogs quickly reveals numbers of blogs where the teachers voice is readily audible while the student voice is less so.

What issues will determine that our ‘Class Portals’ are truly owned by students and reflective of conversations important to them?

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