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Grass Roots Leadership – Leading Digital Schools Conference

Martin Levins recently posted a comment ‘Leaders or Followers?’ on the ning of the Leading Digital Schools Conference. In that comment Martin reflects on the phenomena of leadership arising from ‘the bottom’, as opposed to that leadership that arises from those in formally designated executive, administrative or bureaucratic positions.

Martin is seeking examples of such leadership that have utilized digital technologies in education and this post attempts to list a few such examples.

At Mirboo North Secondary College a Wikispace, was set up by teachers to facilitate major review of their middle school curriculum.

Grade 2KM at Leopold Primary School have a dynamic blog (2KM @ Leopold Primary School!) facilitating dialogue between students and parents.

Many Victorian teachers and students are aware of the work of Douchy in creating a digital learning community around VCE Biology.

Bozeman has utilised screencasting to build a virtual classroom for his students undertaking their AP Biology course in America.

Students at Immaculata High School in Somerville New Jersey maintain a class portal on Child Slave Labour that registers as the top hit under that search phrase in Google.

Year 10 students at Leongatha Secondary College have begun a Year 10 Biology Class Blog that aims to document and reflect their learning through development of blogging skills.

A more comprehensive list would be most useful and I will keep an eye out during the Leading Digital Schools Conference and continue to add to this list. Any suggestions would be most appreciated and could be left through the comments tab.


Natural Disasters – What are the big questions?

9O students watched the video and considered these questions.

What would it be like in a big earthquake? At the time? Immediately after? The next day? Check out their feelings by clicking thIS ‘Comments’ Tab. Reply with a comment of you own!

They then searched a list of earthquake, volcano and tsunami disasters to identify a choice to highlight the big questions and the science behind understanding that event.

Wikipaedia ‘List of natural disasters’

Class discussion focussed around ‘What is a big question?’ and students attempted to develop a ‘big question’. They posted these on Wallwisher.

Visit the 9O Wallwisher to read their ‘Big Questions’

Click this link to see the natural disasters that students have selected to study.

“Parts Cluster”

  1. What’s the main idea or feeling? Put it in the center.Work as a class to brainstorm as much as you can about the movie.
  2. Use clustering software like
  3. Work as a class to brainstorm as much as you can about the movie.
  4. Group or connect any of the items into larger sets.


A stereotype is a collection of beliefs that we have about the people who belong to a certain group, regardless of individual differences among members of that group.

Gender stereotyping!

Why is the video funny?

How does the sketch stereotype women?

Is this stereotype relevant today?

Will the worm turn on Julia Gillard?

Read the article by NATASHA STOTT DESPOJA

How does Mr Abbott reflect gender stereotypes?

In what ways does Ms Gillard break gender stereotypes? In what way does she reinforce them?

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