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Anxiety? Don’t panic!

This week, the Anxiety Recovery Centre of Victoria is running a series of workshops and seminars to help those with Anxiety and OCD. Louise Cooper, the Co-ordinator of the recovery program at ARC Victoria, chatted to Richard Stubbs about what the program entailed, and different mechanisms for coping with anxiety disorders…

Don’t panic



A stereotype is a collection of beliefs that we have about the people who belong to a certain group, regardless of individual differences among members of that group.

Gender stereotyping!

Why is the video funny?

How does the sketch stereotype women?

Is this stereotype relevant today?

Will the worm turn on Julia Gillard?

Read the article by NATASHA STOTT DESPOJA

How does Mr Abbott reflect gender stereotypes?

In what ways does Ms Gillard break gender stereotypes? In what way does she reinforce them?

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Lifespan Development

What’s your reaction to the video?

What feelings did you experience?

How useful is the video to the psychological study of lifespan development? Why?

Time Passes

  1. What do you already know about this?
  2. What more would you want to learn?
  3. What is something new you learned by looking closely?